My name is Aurel Fischer, and I am from Basel, Switzerland.

I am a graphic designer/photographer/artist with a bachelors degree in visual communication and photography from the university of Lucerne.

My approach to designing and thinking vary and I always try to find the best fitting and most coherent solution for my personal and professional questions and assignments.

This often means, that a rather slow and thought through process takes place instead of rushing into ideas and visual concepts from the first minute.


I am always searching for new challenges and possible assignments and collaborations.
At the moment though I am working at Kehrer publishers in Heidelberg.
As a photographer I work mostly in the fields of architecture–, nature– and reportage photography. As a graphic designer I have created many books and magazines, websites, visual identities, posters and much more. And as an artist I like to mix things up and take a transmedial or multidisciplinary approach to tell what needs to be told.

If you are interested in my work or have a question feel free to write me a mail.



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